Saturday, January 24, 2009

Birthday Girl

Numero 10 is a pretty big deal. I mean, this is the first number with double digits. Then there is always the significance that most of us have 10 fingers to count, and ten toes on our feet. AND the most common number system used today is based on the number ten. The term of 10 years gets a fancy new name...a decade!

After this very official introduction, I would like to present to you our very official 10 year old daughter, Rebekah! Can I believe it? Why no I cannot believe it! It seems like just yesterday I was rocking my little baby, and now she is a big tall 10 year old!

It is our tradition that we often celebrate Bekah's birthday on her HALF birthday. I mean, we do celebrate her actual birthday on the day, but her party is usually planned on a different day further from Christmas and closer to warm weather. This year her birthday fell on Daddy's surgery date, so we made some adjustments. We did the usual tradition...breakfast in bed.

It isn't common for her special day to be on a school day, so she was pleasantly pleased to be with her friends at school as the princess of the day! We sent snacks and she had a great time. That night we had Mexican at the local dive and they sang a Spanish version of the birthday song. They even put a little ice cream on her nose! She received some super presents, and gave the day two thumbs up!

This was one was from Mommy and Daddy. Bekah is our crafty kid, so this was given to her along with all the materials for hours of fun and piles and piles of messy and fabulous projects!

This was a big hit, compliments of Grandma Dorothy. It could, quite possibly, be the most annoying present in the entire world. It's a voice manipulator...but it was a big hit. Bekah even asked, "Mom, when this runs out of batteries...will I be able to get new ones?" She already knew the answer.

A new pink even lights up!

"Scratch pads" of money! She's rich!

10 dollars for a 10 year old...Thanks Aunt Sally and Uncle Jeff!

She also got a movie for her Disney Mix Max...iPod thing!


How does it always happen that I am weeks behind on the blogging and then I have to post like three times to cover all that has happened in the weeks before?! Are there ever enough hours in the day to do all the things we would like?
I am sure some of you are curious just what sort of "operation" news I have to gab about. My daddy has had yet another procedure...but this one seems to have been a tremendous success! For those of you who are not in the loop, my Daddy, Steve, is a throat cancer survivor. Unfortunately, one of the many side effects from radiation result in paralysis of one vocal chord. His voice was not much more than a strained whisper. After a failed voice procedure in October, he was referred to larynx specialist in Kansas City.
On January 8th he had surgery to correct his voice. The doctor implanting a piece of material inside his throat that moved the immobile chord toward the other, thus producing sound again. He will always have the paralyzed chord, but now he can speak with some volume! You will never know just how much of a burden has been lifted from his shoulders now that his voice has returned! Hooray for Daddy...we love you sooo much!

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