Sunday, February 28, 2010

It happened again...

Our baby girl lost her first front tooth a couple of weeks ago. As you can see, this was pre-haircut. We were so thrilled to see our first top tooth was out!

Now our little Savannah Kay has lost her second front tooth! I will say that this one as just as wiggly as the first, but hung on a lot longer. She was not too sure about two things...

-how she would look without front teeth


-if it would hurt to pull it out

I decided it was time for removal when it was just dangling after an evening of I coaxed her to just pull that thing out. Guess what...she did! We have saved the tooth from the tooth fairy because we are expecting a most beautiful Tooth Fairy Pillow from our favorite friend in Alabama.

Savannah Kay thinks this is a tooth that has earned the right to be the first in the new pillow. I suppose it is worth waiting for that dollar too! The way she says her S sounds is so adorable. I am hoping she gets the hang of her new toothless eating soon, though I don't think much will stand in her way! Our baby is growing up so fast. Perhaps it is just that she knows a new baby is on the way and she is ready for the role of big sis...without baby teeth!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Bekah Sings...Like an Angel

I forgot to make mention of our other precious child's big moment. A few weeks ago, Bek performed in the Regional Honor Choir. This was quite an honor. She was one of a handful selected out of the entire school of 5th and 6th graders to perform with other selected students from the region. She learned several songs in several languages. Mom joined me for the big concert. I took video of the group, but as she practiced Mom suggested I record her singing all by herself so I could send it to her Daddy. So...I did. I hope you enjoy this. I am so proud of her!

Bear Hug Student and a Birthday

I mentioned that my family made the trip to Manhattan this weekend. It just so happened that my precious Daddy celebrated his big 61st on Thursday the 18th. Their trip was a great excuse to celebrate his big birthday. Excuse the hormonal moment, but I think it is rather important to take a moment to explain just how precious those birthdays are to me. Just 4 short years ago, cancer almost took my Daddy from us. I am so thankful he is here and mostly healthy...and celebrating 61 years alive!
Friday night I took the family to The Little Grill. This is a local place, owned by a Jamaican man. The food is really good and the atmosphere is even better...especially on Friday nights when the owner picks up his guitar and sings. He plays classics from Van Morrison, Elvis, Bob Dillon and others. To much protest from my nay-saying mother, we headed out for dinner to this little Manhattan secret. I think she thought I was taking us to some one's backyard in the middle of nowhere. And guess what....Everyone had a great time! Occasionally I do pull through, Mother.
After enjoying good food, great company and fantastic music...I asked our entertainer to sing "Happy Birthday" to my sweet Daddy. The host promptly ordered a shot of Hennessy for the birthday man...and Daddy took it like champ! It was hilarious! Mom kept asking "What is Hennessy anyway?"
Our singer even sang "Brown Eyed Girl" to the girls. When we left, everyone had a huge smile on their face and swore we would be back soon. The best part was that we felt like we had been on a mini vacation to the islands despite the outside freeze. PS, it snowed on Saturday. I snapped a few photos to remember the evening. We came home and enjoyed carrot cake and presents. It was a perfect evening!

Prior to our big celebration, I made a trip to the kids' school. Savannah Kay was the "Bear Hug Student" this week. This means she took home the class bear and needed to send back pictures of herself and some forms that shared all about her. In addition to hosting Ted E. Bear for the night...she could invite a parent or visitor to come and read to the class. I made the trek to the school (20 miles outside of town) to read a couple of books to her class (just like a good Mommy should). I think they really enjoyed my visit. I read We're Going on a Bear Hunt and Don't Be Silly Mrs. Millie. Both are really cute little books. My sister Rachel came along and documented the occasion for us. Thanks little sister! Hooray for our little Bear Hug Student!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Baby updates...

27 weeks 5 days

The last couple of weeks have been filled with a wealth of baby activities for me. I have been working on the nursery for the last few days. I received my baby bedding and am so thrilled with how it looks. The bedding was made by Kimberly Grant and is called Zoom Zoom. It was even cuter in person than what I picked online. I also painted the pictures you see on canvas. I saw some online and decided I could make them myself...and so I did! I am pleased with how they turned out. I still need several changing pad, diaper caddy...things of this nature, but I hope to get some of those goodies at my shower.
By the way, my sweet sister has stepped up to plan my shower for this little guy. I will be having a shower on Saturday, March 27th at 2:00 pm. I am so excited!
I have also been to the doctor again. I will be 29 weeks pregnant on Monday, February 22nd. For those of you who may not know, this little guy is attached to a two vessel isolated chord. Basically, the umbilical chord only has two vessels instead of three. My doctor does not seem concerned, but this can cause low birth weight, so I will be having a sonogram each visit to make sure our little guy is swimming in enough fluid and growing strong. My Momma, Daddy and baby sister came to visit this weekend...and were there to see our little hero on video. Baby Mason is now 2 lbs 10 oz. He is in the 54th percentile in growth...which is good. He had healthy blood flow coming through the chord and a strong little heart rate. I was shocked to know they could tell all this from the sonogram. I am scheduled for another showing March 12th. This means I am now down to the two week appointments for a couple of times and then I will start my weekly visits before having the c-section. I have just 9 short weeks left!
I have attached some baby photos for you to see our little man. The pictures will show fewer and fewer details as he and I run out of room for him! So, enjoy these while you can. By the way, we did prove once more that he is indeed a little boy. This baby was face down with his legs spread out like a little frog. Obviously he is not a modest little fella!
Jeremy was able to call in on Friday just before the sonogram. I was pleasantly surprised to hear his voice. He has been doing a lot of travelling in the last week, and I had not heard his voice in a while! He was still not back to his original destination, but being the super dad that he is, he made it his mission to find a phone and check in. Please continue to pray for his safety as he moves around in country. Hopefully he will return to a solid internet connection in his room. We have yet to webcam since his internet options are rather limited and the connection in his room has yet to work. This is why he has not been able to update his blog or facebook with friends. Just keep checking in and hopefully he will be up and running soon.
I suppose that is all for now. More soon!

Friday, February 5, 2010

A Quickie

Mom is in town for a super-d-duper visit. Praise the Lord for a Momma close by! Savannah Kay has been sick with cough and fever for three days. It snowed 2 inches this morning. I have a clean house and fresh linens on all the beds. The last of the baby bedding shipment arrived today. We have curtains! I registered at Hey Baby and Target. Bek has an Honor Choir performance tomorrow, and amidst the chaos this lifted my spirits...

Mom: "Papa is out of town right now. He's going to be gone for two weeks and that is a long time."

S.K.: *raised eyebrows and lifted shoulders "Weeellll, that is not as long as MY Dad." true! We win! What do you have to say now Grandmommy?

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