Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The first update in a LONG time!

So here I sit, scanning my old blog, and am a little embarrassed to see that the last time I updated was in October 2010!  Who could have known that life would have brought us so far...so quickly!

So here is a bit of review in as few words as possible.  My goal is to post an update now and to be more faithful about updating more frequently now that we are in this new place in life.  I know, I need a facelift on the blog since I now have three very beautiful kids that don't look much like my old header pics, but all in good time, right?  Let's see how disciplined I can be about this first step!

October 2010 - My best friend Kaely and her first-born Lucy Jane came to visit Kansas!

October 2010 - The kids had a photo shoot with my dear friend Jill

December 2010 - Jeremy returned from Iraq

May 2010 - Bekah's dance recital

Mason turns ONE!

August 2011 Family pictures in Kansas sunflowers

 September 2011 - Mini cheer camp and a 7th grade cheer leader

Jan 2013 Her first big dance and formal

EPIC 13th Birthday Party for Bekah

Mason turns 2!

May 2012 Another dance recital for Bekah

Daddy leaves for Afghanistan deployment June 2012

July 4th 2012 without our Daddy

July 2012 Cheer Camp with Riley County (PS we hosted everyone at our house!)

July 2012 Momma goes to conference with her team
July 2012 Mom takes the kids camping to
Milford Lake, Kansas 
Mason is affectionately renamed "Sweet Badness"

July 2012 Savannah Kay wraps up softball season
July 2012 Rebekah makes CHEER CAPTAIN
August 2012 Welcome home Daddy!!! Deployment cut short!
Mason starts preschool 2012
August 2012 New puppy babies: Scout and Murphy 
Savannah Kay is a soccer star in the Fall of  2012
December 2012 Ugly Sweater Party Family Portrait
January 2013 Snow angels

January 2013 Jeremy is promoted to CW3

Feb 2013 - Bekah and her friends with "Momma Lindz" as the "Hairy Bandits"

February 2013 - Savannah Kay wraps up basketball season

March 2013
I break my arm in a serious car wreck on the way to Arizona for house hunting

Welch's do AZ

May 2013 Rebekah finishes 8th grade
I participated in commencement!

May 2013 We bid farewell to my precious parents and headed to AZ

So I'm sure I skipped some important events in here, but I wanted to be sure I caught you mostly up to date so we can begin the newest installment of Words with the Welchs.

Much love-

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