Monday, March 29, 2010

Shower Tower

I registered at a local boutique in Manhattan for my shower. They put up a "shower tower" for shower attendees to shop for your registered items. It was really surreal to shop for baby items again after all these years...and shopping for blue was an entirely new experience! Baby boy...we can't wait to get you here!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

32 weeks and holding...

March 15th marked week 32 for me! I cannot believe we are so close to the end of this adventure! I had maternity pictures taken this week. A precious friend of mine is a photographer. We met her, Whitney, through our small group. She is probably one of the most spiritually sound college girls I have ever met. I was so excited to have her snap some shots of the girls and I to capture our pregnancy adventure on film. She came to the house and we had a big time!
If you haven't already peeked at the preview pictures, you can do so by visiting:
Let's see, we also visited the doctor this week. I was able to take the girls and they met their little brother via sonogram for the first time. Mom made the trip up to Manhattan to go with me, but was super sick and had to go back to my house and to bed for the day. The girls and I sat and watched with amazement. The sono tech pointed out little hair on baby Mason's head. She showed us little feet and a little mouth. Mason was 3 lbs 14 ounces. This is just 2 ounces less than Jeremy was at birth. Needless to say, our little hero is growing strong. This puts our mind at ease that that two-vessel isolated chord has not caused any reason for concern. We also bumped up our scheduled c-section to May 4th. We are scheduled for 11:00 AM that Tuesday.
My next appointment is scheduled for March 29th. We will just do a standard heart rate monitor and no sonogram. The next appointment in April will be our last sonogram check and then we should be right on track for one last appointment and then a pre-op appointment.
I don't have pics on disk this time, so I will have to scan them and post them when I get a chance. I guess this is all I have in baby news.
We shall keep you posted as time continues. I am looking forward to my shower this weekend. Oh the wonderful little boy things I cannot wait to see! Let the celebration begin!

Our Spring Break Adventure

I took the girls to the Great Wolf Lodge in Kansas City for a little spring break getaway. For those of you who are not familiar with this little is a huge hotel with an indoor water park. We have wanted to visit since we laid eyes on this place, but had not made it happen. I figured a little mid-break visit was just what we needed to do, so I loaded the car and we spent two days and one night checking the place out. I have captioned the photos below for you!
The girls jumped straight in line for a big slide!
This picture was taken in front of the huge water barrel that dumps every 5 minutes. I captured the crash later.

Each evening the hotel hosts a story time in front of the clock tower. The animals come alive and then a lady reads stories to the kiddos. They encourage you to visit in we did!

The story was The Wide Mouth Frog.

At the end of the story time we got to meet Wiley Wolf.

Here we are in front of the clock tower.

Then next morning we had a buffet breakfast. Savannah is a big fan of sausage...can you tell?

Bekah preferred bacon!

Then we hit the park again. The girls took a ride on the double tube ride.

Can you tell whether or not they had a good time?

This was the other multi-rider pitch dark!

All smiles

Savannah decided to pose in the shooting water springs.

Bekah was a little less animated!

Together they are quite a pair

Who is the bravest pregnant lady you know? That is right, I took a bathing suit shot at 32 weeks pregnant and I even posted it for you to see. I did the lazy river and the will be pleased to know I skipped out in the slides!

This was the "big dump" shot.

We headed home around 3:30pm on Wednesday but stopped by the sweet shop on our way out.

We left with goodies...
Bekah - strawberry cheesecake
Savannah Kay - chocolate covered marshmallows on a stick
Mom - snickers cheesecake
We had a great time, and the girls have already made big plans to head back with Daddy and Mason. I am not sure when it will happen, but I am just as anxious to visit again!

Chuck E Cheese Adventure

On the Friday evening of our spring break beginning Rebekah went to her 2nd Annual TC3
Lock-in with the church. Feeling a little ambitious, I decided to drive 45 minutes to Topeka and take Savannah Kay and her buddy Makenna to Chuck E Cheese! I also drug my friend Tana and her little boy, Broden. All the kids had a big time, and I documented the night with my camera! Makenna and Savannah Kay pose in the booth.
Broden spent the evening sneaking under the table to get to the games!

The girls decided the moment called for a crazy face picture!

Won't Savannah Kay make a great big sister? Smile Brody...Mom's taking the pics.

Teamwork is the best way to play!

Who doesn't love this mouse?!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Another week down...

Somehow I have survived another week. I am not sure how, but I keep knockin' 'em out. The girls and I had a rather low key weekend. We went to dinner with friends Friday night. We to a dinner party Saturday night. We had church Sunday. Before I knew it, the weekend was over and the new week had begun.
I made a trip to Topeka on Monday. A girlfriend and I did some major shopping and I made out like a bandit. The girls now have threads to get them into spring. I made a Motherhood purchase...which was not necessarily for fun but business. Awe, the bliss of pre-delivery, pre-nursing purchases.
So, this week I have a most stressful meeting for preschool finance stuff. I am feeling a little anxiety about the whole thing, but feel that I will somehow survive the ordeal with God's help. Faithful readers, please pray for me.
I do have my next doctor's appointment a week from Friday. We will be doing another Baby Mason photo shoot. I am feeling really good, despite the exhaustion that is starting to set in. I had Bek snap a photo of me this week (30 weeks 2 days). I have really tried to keep up with my photos since my mister is so far away. I don't want him to feel like he's missed it.
I have just a few more weeks to go...
Well, I suppose this is all I have for now, but I will be sure to keep you updated as to how my meeting goes. Nightie night!

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