Sunday, March 21, 2010

Chuck E Cheese Adventure

On the Friday evening of our spring break beginning Rebekah went to her 2nd Annual TC3
Lock-in with the church. Feeling a little ambitious, I decided to drive 45 minutes to Topeka and take Savannah Kay and her buddy Makenna to Chuck E Cheese! I also drug my friend Tana and her little boy, Broden. All the kids had a big time, and I documented the night with my camera! Makenna and Savannah Kay pose in the booth.
Broden spent the evening sneaking under the table to get to the games!

The girls decided the moment called for a crazy face picture!

Won't Savannah Kay make a great big sister? Smile Brody...Mom's taking the pics.

Teamwork is the best way to play!

Who doesn't love this mouse?!

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Prestonamy said...

Thanks for taking Makenna, she had a blast


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