Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Hero Returns...for a visit

I thought I would post the pics of our hero's great return. Jeremy made it home for R&R (that's military terminology for rest and relaxation...aka a two week visit with the family in the midst of the year long deployment). I was just coasting into town from our San Angelo trip. The kids and I made it in at about 1:00 am and then I had a doctor's appointment at 10:00 am. We needed to get the car unloaded and I needed to get the final release from my post-surgical instructions. I got a phone call from Jeremy saying he would be in at 11:30. Yes, this is where I start to PANIC! Thank heaven Rebekah is such a helper. I left Bek and Savannah Kay to tidy up and I drug the baby with me to the check up. I rushed out, rushed home, rushed a look in the mirror and some perfume spritz, rushed to the airport and rushed into the arms of my precious husband! I cannot even describe the feeling of seeing my husband after months of separation and after all that we had experienced apart. It was just like he never left...only now we were a family of 5! The girls were waiting at home for us to arrive. This gave Mommy and Daddy a chance to say hello. This gave Daddy a chance to finally meet his baby boy, and this gave the girls just enough time to come up with a hero's welcome! The girls were standing in the driveway, waving the American flag when we drove up...which was PRECIOUS!
Welcome home Daddy! We have missed you so much! Jeremy's first look at his son in real life
In awe

The welcome committee

Pure joy
My treasures...How can one girl be so blessed?!

Meeting in the Middle

While Jeremy was home, we knew it was important to visit with his family. Jeremy's daddy has been battling lymphoma for the second time, and his health has been rapidly declining. With only two weeks of the year in the country, we knew seeing John was important for everyone. This was also a good opportunity to introduce our littlest Welch to the paternal family. Therefore, we loaded up the Sequoia and made the 5 hour drive to Oklahoma City (about half-way for both of us). We were only there just about 24 hours, but it was just enough time to make some great memories. While in OKC, we visited the downtown area, visited the ER (long story), visited with each other, visited the Oklahoma City Memorial and visited the Cowboy Museum. It was a fast and furious trip, but one that we hold dear!
The cutest girl I know

The fam at the Memorial

The OKC Memorial

Jerm, Mason and Aunt Tisha

Me and the mister

Saddles in everyone's size

Sweet sisters

Bek with Aunt Tisha

Grandpa John with his grandson

The three Welch fellas

Jerm with his parents...
their son and his son!

Grandpa John with his grandbabies

This is so precious...I love the way she is looking at him

Two crazies!

Jerm with his Daddy

Dry, Wet and Then Dry on the 4th of July

Our 4th of July plan was to camp for three days and three nights at Mildford. Jerm, the kids, Rachel and I all drove out on Friday night. We had a BEAUTIFUL view and a great site. Mom and Daddy met us on Saturday mid-morning. We had a great day of swimming, visiting, horseshoes and grilling on Saturday. However, we woke to a small monsoon, which forfeited our plans to stay another night with my sister and her gang. The party was moved to Manhattan, at Casa de Welch.
Let it be known, no rain could get this party down!

Sisters in the camper

Who likes having air conditioning...Rachel does!

Jerm: "Hey Mary, are you just hanging out with all your friends?"

Aunt Rachel on Mason duty...
camping + babies = must have screen room

Loving on that little guy is just so fun to do!

One of the first smiles...and we captured it on film!

Say "cheese" boys!

Jerm and Daddy...male bonding

The view from our site

Roasting marshmallows

I so love this guy!

And then it POURED!!!

Wyatt with Uncle Jerm

Burgers, brats and margaritas!

Daddy was on duty

Then the cousins watched city fireworks from the neighbor's driveway

Hooray for the 4th! All's well that ends well!

Daddy Memories

The two weeks we had with Jeremy just flew by as fast as we knew they would. However, we certainly made the most of the time that we had...

Jeremy took both girls on a "Daddy date." Savannah Kay and Daddy bought a soccer ball and went to the soccer field. They did dinner at the new burger joint in town, "Smashburger." By the way, that soccer ball is not only pink, it glows in the dark!

Bekah and Daddy went to Chipotle for a bite to eat, and then they headed to the mall. She came out with two tees from Hollister. This Daddy knows how to treat a lady right!

Daddy liked making his little guy smile!

and of course the boys had some down time

Since boys don't do Daddy dates, Daddy just gave this little guy a bath and some snuggle time. By the way, let it be known that the one and only time Mason has peed when his boy parts were uncovered happened on this very night. Jerm thought a little air would do him good, and I was in a panic that we would have a small fountain. I was video taping the bath and Daddy time when my greatest fears were confirmed. We had our first pee incident...from the bed, right into my shoe! Mom may not have much experience with boy parts, but I do know a few things! The rumors are true...if it is out in the open, it is sure to spout!

Loading up to leave

Here I am with my hero, my best friend, the love of my life on the morning he had to leave me. Hurry back home! We miss you more than you could even imagine!


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