Sunday, August 8, 2010

Nana to the Rescue

Without a husband around...c-section recovery can be a challenge. My Momma could not stay forever (Though I would have loved for her to!). So, with a new baby, two kids in school and a driving restriciton...Nana volunteered to come to the rescue!

My darling grandmother made the 8 hour trek from Amarillo, Texas to come and assist me and love on her great grandbabies. I am so thankful for this! Talk about some precious memories! How many kiddos do you know that have a hip GREAT Grandmother like this?!

Little Mason has a special bond with the ladies in this family. Our little miracle baby has a special place in the heart of so many...and Nana is no exception! Thank you sweet Nana for coming to the rescue. We treasure you!

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