Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Daddy Memories

The two weeks we had with Jeremy just flew by as fast as we knew they would. However, we certainly made the most of the time that we had...

Jeremy took both girls on a "Daddy date." Savannah Kay and Daddy bought a soccer ball and went to the soccer field. They did dinner at the new burger joint in town, "Smashburger." By the way, that soccer ball is not only pink, it glows in the dark!

Bekah and Daddy went to Chipotle for a bite to eat, and then they headed to the mall. She came out with two tees from Hollister. This Daddy knows how to treat a lady right!

Daddy liked making his little guy smile!

and of course the boys had some down time

Since boys don't do Daddy dates, Daddy just gave this little guy a bath and some snuggle time. By the way, let it be known that the one and only time Mason has peed when his boy parts were uncovered happened on this very night. Jerm thought a little air would do him good, and I was in a panic that we would have a small fountain. I was video taping the bath and Daddy time when my greatest fears were confirmed. We had our first pee incident...from the bed, right into my shoe! Mom may not have much experience with boy parts, but I do know a few things! The rumors are true...if it is out in the open, it is sure to spout!

Loading up to leave

Here I am with my hero, my best friend, the love of my life on the morning he had to leave me. Hurry back home! We miss you more than you could even imagine!

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