Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Dry, Wet and Then Dry on the 4th of July

Our 4th of July plan was to camp for three days and three nights at Mildford. Jerm, the kids, Rachel and I all drove out on Friday night. We had a BEAUTIFUL view and a great site. Mom and Daddy met us on Saturday mid-morning. We had a great day of swimming, visiting, horseshoes and grilling on Saturday. However, we woke to a small monsoon, which forfeited our plans to stay another night with my sister and her gang. The party was moved to Manhattan, at Casa de Welch.
Let it be known, no rain could get this party down!

Sisters in the camper

Who likes having air conditioning...Rachel does!

Jerm: "Hey Mary, are you just hanging out with all your friends?"

Aunt Rachel on Mason duty...
camping + babies = must have screen room

Loving on that little guy is just so fun to do!

One of the first smiles...and we captured it on film!

Say "cheese" boys!

Jerm and Daddy...male bonding

The view from our site

Roasting marshmallows

I so love this guy!

And then it POURED!!!

Wyatt with Uncle Jerm

Burgers, brats and margaritas!

Daddy was on duty

Then the cousins watched city fireworks from the neighbor's driveway

Hooray for the 4th! All's well that ends well!

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