Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Hero Returns...for a visit

I thought I would post the pics of our hero's great return. Jeremy made it home for R&R (that's military terminology for rest and relaxation...aka a two week visit with the family in the midst of the year long deployment). I was just coasting into town from our San Angelo trip. The kids and I made it in at about 1:00 am and then I had a doctor's appointment at 10:00 am. We needed to get the car unloaded and I needed to get the final release from my post-surgical instructions. I got a phone call from Jeremy saying he would be in at 11:30. Yes, this is where I start to PANIC! Thank heaven Rebekah is such a helper. I left Bek and Savannah Kay to tidy up and I drug the baby with me to the check up. I rushed out, rushed home, rushed a look in the mirror and some perfume spritz, rushed to the airport and rushed into the arms of my precious husband! I cannot even describe the feeling of seeing my husband after months of separation and after all that we had experienced apart. It was just like he never left...only now we were a family of 5! The girls were waiting at home for us to arrive. This gave Mommy and Daddy a chance to say hello. This gave Daddy a chance to finally meet his baby boy, and this gave the girls just enough time to come up with a hero's welcome! The girls were standing in the driveway, waving the American flag when we drove up...which was PRECIOUS!
Welcome home Daddy! We have missed you so much! Jeremy's first look at his son in real life
In awe

The welcome committee

Pure joy
My treasures...How can one girl be so blessed?!

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