Friday, February 5, 2010

A Quickie

Mom is in town for a super-d-duper visit. Praise the Lord for a Momma close by! Savannah Kay has been sick with cough and fever for three days. It snowed 2 inches this morning. I have a clean house and fresh linens on all the beds. The last of the baby bedding shipment arrived today. We have curtains! I registered at Hey Baby and Target. Bek has an Honor Choir performance tomorrow, and amidst the chaos this lifted my spirits...

Mom: "Papa is out of town right now. He's going to be gone for two weeks and that is a long time."

S.K.: *raised eyebrows and lifted shoulders "Weeellll, that is not as long as MY Dad." true! We win! What do you have to say now Grandmommy?

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