Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Babies and sweethearts

Why is it that I must have a hormone overdose when life is the most hectic? I have to sit laughing now, just because this is my latest version of crazy. If I'm not laughing I'm crying. I swear, how in the world I'll get through this pregnancy is a mystery.

I did have a super doctor's visit this week. We will be introducing little Mason Todd Welch on May 6th, rain or shine! My precious sweety pie worked his Iraq schedule to call precisely at appointment time. Might I add that is was particularly admirable because of the 9 hour time difference...making his call around 11:15 pm in the desert. He said that little heartbeat was the heartbeat of a hero! The miles may separate us, but we are determined to make this as much of a joint venture as possible. After we disconnected I just bawled to my sweet doctor. Then I was fuming mad that I had entered the zone of hormonal looniness. Sheesh. I am such a baby. I will say that my doctor did remind me that doing it all provokes tears in even the strongest of women. However, I am NOT a cryer. Someone should tell my hormones this.

I am now 25.5 weeks pregnant, and beginning to feel it. I was thrilled to learn that although I feel like I have gained a million lbs. I had only put on 6! There is hope that I will not weigh as much as an elephant upon delivery.

I am receiving my crib tomorrow, which makes this baby officially official. He will even have a place to sleep. My bedding should be coming in this week too. So it seems I will be nesting for the next few weeks.

The girls seem to be doing well. We are as busy as ever. Bekah is in honor choir at school, which makes for an even busier week. She has also started gymnastics, and is moving right up through the levels. Savannah Kay is just as hilarious as ever. She has decided she needs to do gymnastics too. I suggested she ask for this for her birthday...in April. Are you noticing the repitition. I am still not sure I can add one more thing to my weekly agenda.

Which leads me to my next announcement. I will no longer be teaching, while simultaneously directing, while walking the tight rope with baby in hand. Just joking. But I really have stepped down from teaching to direct. I think the best thing for me to do right now is to take a load off and get through this delivery. Especially since I am still trying to finish my Marketing degree in the midst of all the other things I am doing. What in the world was I thinking?!

Jeremy seems to be doing well. He has sent us a DVD of himself reading to the kids. The Army has a program called United Through Reading, where soldiers pick books, read them on video, and mail book and video to the kids. Technology is so great! He has officially moved in with our friend and his coworker, Joe. I pray that they remain friends since this means lots of togetherness. I had hoped and still hope there is a chance he will end up with his own room sometime in the deployment. Better yet, perhaps he'll just come home!

Well, my bed is calling and I have another long day ahead of me tomorrow. Nightie night!


Kate McDevitt said...

As Assistant Director for United Through Reading Military Program I just wanted to thank you for your recent mention of our program! We're so happy to hear that the United THrough Reading DVD is helping your family stay connected this deployment. We'd love for you to join us on our Facebook Fan Page . . . and if you have any photos of your girls watching their Dad's United Through Reading DVD we'd love for you to post them and share your story with others!


You can also visit our website to complete our Homefront Survey and get more info: www.unitedthroughreading.org

Thanks again - and we hope to hear more from your family soon!

(Loving the music on your blog!)

Kate McDevitt
Assistant Director
United Through Reading Military Program

Just A Work In Progress said...

Doesn't life seem to throw in the most difficult of curve balls of the difficult of times? You'll make it though...you're one tough cookie! Just keep your eyes on the closest prize...that precious baby boy!!

Melanie Lyons said...

Congrats on your baby boy! I hadn't read in awhile so had to catch up and wow sounds like 2009 was a crazy but good year. (we were at disneyworld in dec. So fun!) Will be praying for your family and Jeremy's safe return. You military wives amaze me!


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