Tuesday, January 12, 2010

All in a days work...

I must say that as the days drag on, I am trying to find my way in the madness. How can you live when half of you is a world away? I am no newbie to the life of a single mother while Daddy is away at work, but this is time it is killer. I am well aware that part of the reason for this is the fact that I am one walking ball of Estrogen, but can't a girl get a break?!

Today Bekah was tested for placement at the local gym. She is officially back in gymnastics and begins next week. This was her birthday present from Mommy and Daddy. Savannah Kay thinks she needs to be in class too. I reminded her that her birthday was in April. I am easing myself into new activities since I seem to be overbooked as it is.

This afternoon I did some baby shopping. My most precious friend in all the world is having her first baby in February and I was responsible for finishing up the Butts family shopping for the shower this weekend. I will confess that I picked up a few things blue while I was there. This is the first time I have purchased anything for this new little one. I wrote Jerm an email tonight and confessed that this was the first time that I felt our little baby was now a little addition to our family and not just an event occurring on May 6th.

Jerm woke us this morning with a call from overseas. He is in Kuwait and preparing for his permanent move to Basra. I just know that I can't wait for him to get settled so we can Skype!

His phone call set the tone for a magnificent day. I even received a little delivery to complete the perfect antidote for a lonely day. It's not easy being married to the perfect man...but I'll just have to hang in there! I love that fella!

By the way...Welch baby three is officially Mason Todd Welch. Daddy is Jeremy Todd. I hope he is just like his Daddy!

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