Sunday, February 28, 2010

It happened again...

Our baby girl lost her first front tooth a couple of weeks ago. As you can see, this was pre-haircut. We were so thrilled to see our first top tooth was out!

Now our little Savannah Kay has lost her second front tooth! I will say that this one as just as wiggly as the first, but hung on a lot longer. She was not too sure about two things...

-how she would look without front teeth


-if it would hurt to pull it out

I decided it was time for removal when it was just dangling after an evening of I coaxed her to just pull that thing out. Guess what...she did! We have saved the tooth from the tooth fairy because we are expecting a most beautiful Tooth Fairy Pillow from our favorite friend in Alabama.

Savannah Kay thinks this is a tooth that has earned the right to be the first in the new pillow. I suppose it is worth waiting for that dollar too! The way she says her S sounds is so adorable. I am hoping she gets the hang of her new toothless eating soon, though I don't think much will stand in her way! Our baby is growing up so fast. Perhaps it is just that she knows a new baby is on the way and she is ready for the role of big sis...without baby teeth!

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Just A Work In Progress said...

Good job Savannah! What a brave girl! P.S. Her hair looks fantastic!


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