Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Wedding Bliss...

So my sister just got married this last weekend. Sheesh...I know, it's been kuh-ray-zee around here. August 2, 2008 was the momentous occasion. I do not have pics up of this one yet, but I would like to wish a very special congrats to my little sister...Mrs. Steven Coe Wilscam.

The wedding was simply beautiful, and it is a HUGE relief to finally be over with. I know this probably sounds kinda ugly, but weddings a so stressful! I am so glad to be able to celebrate the marriage and not dwell on the big huge plans.

So hip hip hooray for Haley and Steven!
Check back for wedding photos...I am still not settled from the big event!!!

1 comment:

Kaely said...

I've tried to upload the pictures several times; it is giving me a little trouble. As soon as I get them I'll send them to you. Love you!


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