Sunday, June 29, 2008

Hi ho Hi ho, it's off to work we go...

Jeremy has returned to work. Vacation is over for Chief Welch. We did have a bit of a scare. While in-processing he was initially issued gear to deploy with the 2nd brigade, here at Ft. Riley. This group was supposed to deploy in August, and is now scheduled to leave in October. I was feeling a little hot under the hood when he came home with his new battle gear. I know he will have to go, but this on-again-off-again roller coaster is starting to make-uh me a little sick-uh. You see, there were four slots for five Warrants here, and no one was really sure what to do with Jeremy. It turns out he is working at Division, which is a CW3 position. This is great for Jeremy because it means he is working above his level, and even better...NO DEPLOYMENT!!! He is really pumped to get settled now that he has a position. We are happy that he is happy!

On another note...I HAVE A NEW JOB TOO!!!
I know, I can't believe it either! I will be teaching preschool at the First United Methodist Church, here in Manhattan. It just fell into my lap. God is so good. In fact, at church this morning, I told a lady I would be working at the preschool and she was so positive. She said it was hard to find a job like that in Manhattan, so I felt even more thankful for my new position. I will be teaching Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings, and I start right after Labor Day. Savannah will not be in my class, but she will be in the same school. This is a good thing!

One last bit of news...we are getting settled in here in the "Little Apple." However, the Midwesterners here are hard to conquer. It seems making friends is a slow and daunting task. We are meeting new people every day, but haven't found any real pals yet. This is the hardest part about moving. We have visited several local churches, and even there we haven't met any solid friends. By now we are usually getting all settled in and having dinner guests. I am hoping in the weeks to come friendships are headed our way. It is lonely now that Jeremy is gone and it's just the kids and me. Calling all buddies in Manhattan...friendly family looking for a great peer group. Love the outdoors and home-cookin'. Very social and always adventurous. Notify us at once. Expect a quick reply!

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Melissa said...

Where are the new posts??? :) How is the job going? Must have updates!!


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