Saturday, November 22, 2008

Jerm turns 30!

It's official...Jeremy is over the hill! I can hardly believe my sweetie pie is the big 3-0! This is especially difficult to believe because we began our relationship when he was but 18 years young! I wanted to do it up right for his momentous milestone, so with a few things up my sleeve, there would be a week long celebration.
Event one...Jeremy and I go to Wal-mart to discretely pick up some groceries for our surprise celebration Saturday, which Jeremy knows nothing about at this time. He notices a DVD set of the three origional Superman movies on sale for $10.00. We toss it in the cart and I give him the "Happy Birthday" routine. That afternoon, I pick up black balloons from Dorothy and John and Tisha...preordered for pick-up in Manhattan. We had dinner at home, and our nieghbors/friends joined us. I had picked up a small carrot cake for Jerm. However, when Mom, Dad and Rachel called to send Jerm many happy returns, Dad and Rachel spilled the beans about their visit on Saturday.

Event two...My family comes to visit. I must say that anytime I make arrangements for our family to get together, I have this fantasy that our entire family will all have this Leave It to Beaver moment, and the heavens will open up with trumpeting angels and a heavenly host. That said, there is never any pressure put on those that let me know in the 11th hour they will not be attending. Perhaps, there might have been something of this nature that occured the night before our not-so-surprising soirée. You can imagine my face when each of my family members attended my event for my precious hubbie. We had the best day! I presented Jeremy with an Ibenez acoustic-electric guitar from Mom and Dad, Rachel, Dorothy and John, and me. He was pleased as punch!

Event three...THE BIG SURPRISE! Being a woman of determination...I decided to put together a super surprise event a week after Jeremy acutal birthday. You see, I wanted to host a karoke event, and this cool little watering hole hosts a karoke night on Thursdays. I had everything planned perfectly. We had a casual dinner at a new Mexican restaurant in the same strip center as the karoke bar. Then I asked the sitter to play along and show up "late." I timed it just right, and then I decided to walk down the center to look around. Jeremy thought we were killing time until midnight for the new Bond movie premire. As we walked up to the karoke joint, he asked me if I really wanted to go in a have a drink. Jeremy's face was priceless! Everything went perfectly! Where there is a will, there is a way! Happy Birthday Sweetie! Many happy returns!

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