Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sisters and Saturdays

The weekend has come to an end, and I thought I would post a little ditty about all things Welch. Let's see...I was plenty busy trying to get paperwork in to the city for a Conditional Use Hearing and Variance Request. The preschool keeps me on my feet!
Jeremy is still abroad. He left a week ago, and seems to be doing well. I am anxiously awaiting his return on Friday.
Savannah Kay participated in VBS at a local church and Bekah continued her play practice for Seussical the Musical. I was child free from 9-12 and then our sweet Nanny, Rachel, watched the kids for me a few afternoons.
We are still growing sod. I am sure our water bill is going to be atrocious, but we will have blades of green to enjoy. I am sure the fruits of our labor are continuing to sprout. It has been rainy this week, so a break in the bill was welcomed!
The highlight of the week was my baby sister's visit to Manhattan. I was so glad to spend some time just hangin' around with her like the old days. We watched a few flicks and ate some great fare. She even helped me to get my new office in order! We shared the best Saturday I have had in a really long time. Thank heaven for little sisters and Saturdays!

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