Sunday, May 31, 2009

Fishers of Men???

I thought I would use this picture from our Memorial Day family camping trip, because it was perfect for my thoughts.

Today was another blessed occurrence where the Lord impresses His Words on my heart.

Jeremy and I have committed to many areas of service at our church here in Manhattan. I have recently been hired as the Director for our new UCC (University Christian Church) Preschool Academy. Jeremy and I are team teaching a young married couples Sunday School class, and Jeremy hopes to start working with the worship team in the next few weeks.

All this brings me back to my original thought about being fishers of men. Our Sunday School class is doing an Andy Stanley study called GO FISH. It is so great and we are only in week 1! This week the DVD of Andy Stanley's message was so great I just had to share!

Andy...since he and I are on a first name basis ;)...talked about how we all make excuses for why we are not the best person to share God's message with others. Preachers think we are the best because they are the preachers and people dismiss them. We think preachers are best, because IT'S THEIR JOB! People with a life full of rather good circumstances think the jaded individuals have a better testimony to tell, while the jaded look in admiration upon those from a more righteous life. What does God say? "Come. Follow me and I will make you fishers of men." We are not already fishers of men...He makes us that way!

Jeremy had never caught a fish before the Memorial holiday. Yes, at 30 years of age he caught his first 2 fish ever! Was he born an angler? No. He was trained by my father and brother-in-law that knew what they were doing. Did his training make him less of a fisherman because he had no previous experience? Absolutely not! In fact, he is the best lookin' angler I've ever seen!

I view my new opportunity to be a leader in a new preschool as a tremendous opportunity to go fishin'! It's a matter of circumstance, you see. God has put me right where I am, with the perfect life experiences to match with some person under His Divine plan. Just as Andrew and Peter dropped their nets in the middle of the day...after these fishermen had been fishing all night and caught nothing...and then struggled to hoist their overflowing nets, I hope to cast my net into the Manhattan sea and bring in children that can learn about God and grow their relationships with Him...all because I was willing to get in the boat!

Have a great week...oh and GO FISH!

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