Monday, May 26, 2008

One other very important post...

While this is completely unrelated to our journey, you all should know just how proud I am of my mister. He graduated with honors from the Defense Language Institute! I thought each of you might enjoy some pics of this very celebrated and momentous occasion. Cheers to you hunny pie! Let's all give him a hand!
Fernando, Drew and Jeremy...the three honors grads and best buddies
Colonel Sue Sandusky presents Jeremy with his Associates of Arts in French
Drew and buddies and grads!
Left to Right: Chappy, Jeremy, Fernando, Drew, Dunn, and Sergio
The Fam with our Grad!


Amy Renay said...

Tell Jeremy that I said congratulations. I dont know how you do it, you guys have so much going on. I am glad you made it to Kansas safely.

Lindzelou said...

Thanks dearie! Life is nutz around here...we lost our sanity along the way, but craziness is much more fun!


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