Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Chapter Three...Out of state cards and ten o'clock burritos

The sun was peeking through the zipper lines of the tenting on the camper, when we decided it was time to rise. We knew that our route would mean about a 10 hour drive. The morning was so nice. Jeremy did a little oil check, with a little supervision from Savannah Kay. I capture the two on film. Don't you just love those Kodak moments. Nice pic Savannah! Bekah manned the Maddie-dog. Then it was off to New Mexico.

Note to all who dare to enter New Mexico...never be in a hurry to gas and go! It was time for another refill on gas and a snack, so we pulled of at the huge casino/gas station/Dairy Queen/potty/what ever else you needed place. Jeremy had been whining via cell phone for about 30 minutes that he was about to spring a leak. Jeremy pulled in about 38 pumps away from myself, and the door. I swiped my little cardy-poo and had to enter my zip. After two attempts I was feeling that NM heat, and a lot of frustration. The woman buzzed in telling me I would have to come in to pay because my card was from out of town. I might have answered with a crude "whatever." I mean aren't 90% of the people traveling through this place? Who in their right mind would live here?! Anyway, Jeremy walks up at my "whatever" and decides to try his card. This is where the comedic relief begins.
The kids and I head into the building to find the ladies room. Savannah Kay can still tell you that it was by the huge cactus. Rebekah told my parents later that "that gas station was like a mall, and the policeman was really nice." LOL While we were getting our daily dose of DQ, Jeremy was swelling up like the blueberry girl in Wonka's factory. He had been into the store, left his card, filled my car, picked up his card, and headed over to his pump to fill up. He had not been to the potty yet.
After filling the van, he told the clerk that he was now going to be filling up at pump 87, or whatever number it was, and headed out to the great beyond. When he finally reached his pump, and swiped that little piece of plastic, he found that the card still would not take. He buzzed in, and the conversation went something along these lines...
Jeremy:"Yeah...hey...I was just in there and now my card won't let me fill up. Can you just turn it on?"
Clerk 1: "I'm sorry sir, you'll have to come back in."
Jeremy: "I was just in there. I got $70 worth of gas at pump 4. You know who I am, can you just turn on my pump?"
Clerk 1: "Sorry sir. It just our policy"
Jeremy:"ricka-fricka-racka-fricka-ricka...(this is what it did sound like, I am sure...just picture a scene from acme's Yosemite Sam)."
Jeremy enters the waddling. "Here is my card, but you know who I am, I was just in here and I told you I was headed out to fill up at pump 347."

Clerk 1:"I know, it's just our policy."

Jeremy: "But I was JUST in here."

Clerk 2 interjects with her back turned "She didn't know it was you."

Jeremy: "YESSSSS...SHE DID." Jeremy leaves his card and slowly exits the store to head back out to pump 843.

Clerk 1 smirks and chuckles.
Jeremy does a crazy looking 180, extends his arm in front of the next 10 customers, and leans over the counter, looking like a bit of a psycho...""
Clerk 1 steps back with a bit of fear and says, "Ummm no sir, it just happens all the time."
Jeremy: "When I get back, I want to see YOUR manager."
The best part is, while Jeremy is manning the three ring circus, Savannah and I were having a great time!

Don't worry, Jeremy did not wet his pants, and the clerk is still alive.
Prior to our gas encounter, we had planned to meet with my Nana and Pappy, as well as Jeremy's family for dinner. Once we were back on the road, and after an update from LOLA, we began to realize we would not be getting in until about 9:00 p.m., so dinner was off. Jeremy and I briefly discussed just heading northeast rather than on in to Amarillo. If we weren't going to see family, then it would be faster to just head on up to Kansas from Albuquerque. However, Jeremy's mom promised a sack of Taco Villa, and we were sold.

We spent the night at "Fort Amarillo." It was a lovely place to stay. We had high hopes for an indoor pool experience, but it was about 10:00 when we finally pulled into our spot.

Savannah Kay showed Grandpa John her bunk, and then we had a quick photo shoot before saying goodnight to Jerm's folks. John was lookin' pretty good, in spite of the chemo he has been taking. He even had a little hair. Tisha even stopped in after work. I spent the wee hours working on homework. It was around 2 a.m. when I finally crawled into bed. It was a long day, but our longest was just ahead. If I had only known what tomorrow would hold...I might have just kept driving on the night before. However, those burritos were super fantastic! Thanks Grandma Dorothy!

The climax is coming...just you wait!


Lisa said...

I can't wait for the climax!!! Why do you leave me in suspense? :) I'm so glad that you've made it! Hate that I missed you while you were here!

Becca said...

LMAO!!! I felt your presence while you were here in Amarillo(sniff sniff). I can't wait to here the rest of the story!


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