Sunday, May 25, 2008

For my beloved blog reader...

I know you probably think I have fallen off the face of the Earth, as I have not written in such a long while! I have not wandered off the planet, but rather wandered from the sunny state of California (or lack there of) to the foothills and tornado alley of Riley County...Manhattan, Kansas. It is officially official!!! And believe it or not...we are all alive and well! I have so much to share with each of you about my dramatic journey from the Monterey Bay across the Mojave, into the chill of the mountainous Flagstaff air, across the barren dust and heat of New Mexico, into the desolate plains of northern Texas, through the GOD-FORSAKEN state of Oklahoma, and into the sunflower state of Kansas. It was a journey like none other, so be sure to tune in for a daily dose of drama and entertainment. I will give you a little chapter in the life of a Welch for the next several days. Thank you faithful reader for still checking in. For now, I can finally sink into the couch with my sweetie pie, for my home is unpacked and my life can begin in our newest home! It's movie night at my house!

Love to you all~


Kaely said...

Already unpacked all your stuff?? So glad to hear you are alive and well. Love you!!

Lindzelou said...

Barely kickin' but kickin' none the less! I can't wait to see your facey-poo. Love you too!


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