Monday, October 6, 2008

Disaster in the kitchen!

Faithful blog readers. I realize it is way to late to be blogging, but it is most important that I share with you my latest adventure while my fingers are still warm from typing my school work and my mind is still in work mode. I always have this ingenious plans to share my thoughts and divert my blogging until the moment is so far removed I am unmotivated to share. So, here I go...

I must say that in light of my recent week, my precious small group ladies have served me with some of the most delicious cuisine. I was reluctant to receive meals, after all...I am not ill. However, with some kind persuasion, I hesitantly accepted the free food with gratitude.

This evening one special lady provided us with the final meal on the schedule...a delicious tortellini dish complete with salad, bread and fresh baked home-made, nut-free chocolate chip cookies. My only task was to preheat my oven to the normal 350 degrees, and heat the pre-made dish for 20 minutes. If only my life were this simple.

Rebekah was approved to return to school tomorrow. She had a cheer leading clinic with the varsity cheerleaders from the high school, so I drove her to Riley for practice from 5-7. Dinner was delivered at 6:00ish.

After cooking for the said 20 minutes I opened the oven. The adventure began at that precise moment. I must confess I am not too familiar with those aluminum foil casserole dishes. I can count on one hand how many times I have used one, and each of them was for ear candling and not baking. I am sure you can guess what is about to unfold. The story continues...

I grab an oven mitt and slide the dish towards the edge. "This is going to be a two mitt dish," I think. I start to lift the dish when I feel it give way. If only I could replace and re-evaluate. No, it is too late, a shrapnel of creamy tomato sauce splatters down the oven door and into that little space between the door and the oven. In the panic I shovel bits of tortellini into the dish with a spatula. How could this have happened?! In the moment I realize I am shoving pasta bits into the bottom of the oven door. Quick! Grab a screwdriver and open this area and perhaps the pasta can be saved! (At this point I am clearly out of my mind!) Handy with my junk drawer tools I unscrew the first corner screw. The tension should have proved a warning. The second screw comes out and all of a sudden I am sitting on the floor, covered in pasta drippings, the glass front of the oven is now in my lap, and the handle is thrown to the wayside while the door slams shut with pasta oozing out the bottom. The rest is rather obvious...aside from the fact that at that moment I had to place the glass front on the cabinet, leave the mess and load up in the van to get Bek from camp.

Just so you know, if my marketing degree does not prove financially beneficial, I will certainly find employment in the assembly line of the Whirlpool oven factory. AND, although the stock market seems to be faltering, I would encourage you to buy your stock in Clorox purchase alone should keep you afloat. I used the entire contents of one jumbo tub of wipes to clean my mess! Ahh, so is a day in the life of Lindz. Would we expect it to be any other way?!
PS...the saved pasta was delicious, and I even managed to salvage enough for leftovers tomorrow! It's the little things that keep us smilin' in the end!

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