Sunday, October 5, 2008

Update and a wait

So I know many of you are wondering what our latest information is on Rebekah. For those of you who read this regularly, the wait has probably been so long that you have called me to get the run-down, but for those of you have haven't here's the latest...
Rebekah's blood work revealed standard levels of white blood cells and so forth. The question is, why the norm when she is so sick? They took her blood on what was probably the worst day of her shingles. The doctors expected the levels to be all sorts of wacky, but instead they were in normal range. Are her levels, although normal in range, high for her? Why aren't they off the charts as expected? This was not at all what the medical staff expected but nothing can really be determined until we do follow up blood work on the October 14th.
Her major organ function results came back indicating high levels of electrolytes in her liver, but normal kidney function. The elevation could be from the medication, but again, we will just have to wait on comparative blood work.
Her "differential" did not merit a smear. This is doctor talk for...the physical characteristics of her blood cells looked normal, so closer analysis was not done.
The good news is that her shingles are healing and she looks much much MUCH better! We are hoping to have her back in school by Tuesday.
Mom came in on Wednesday night. She was received with open arms from all of us! It is such a blessing to have reinforcements during a time like this. She stayed until Saturday, and I must admit the house seemed a little empty without her here. I was so thankful to have her here for the last few days!
Now we just sit and wait. That is the hardest part! Please keep Bek in your prayers...this is a rather scary process, but I know that God will be glorified regardless of the outcome. She is so loved...and not just by her maker and her family. We have been flooded with phone calls and emails. We covet each of your prayers. Thanks so much for all of you who have checked in on us. We will keep you posted as news comes in.


Ashley said...

Bless her little heart...and yours too : ) I know this must be so tough on you guys! I hope Bek is feeling better soon!! Thanks for the update! Love ya! Ashley

Melissa said...

MY GOSH!!! John and I about died when we saw the pics of the shingles. PLEASE keep us updated on how she is doing. Praying for her! :)

Melanie Lyons said...

Melissa told me about your rough time with the shingles. Ouch! Hope Rebekah is doing better, we will keep her and all of you in our prayers. (Awesome to hear you are teaching!) Enjoy reading your blog.

Lindzelou said...

Precious friends...thank you for your prayers. This has been a mess! We are praying in expectation that all will prove minor by all medical accounts. Thanks so much for your words of encouragement. Your prayers are coveted! I am so blessed to be loved by each of you!


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