Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas Cookie Time

One of our favorite traditions here at the Welch family home is to make our annual Christmas cookies. Jeremy says Christmas at our house is just like a Christmas card. He loves every little tradition we do with the kids. Might I add, that he is the most wonderful man to be married to because he makes it so easy to incorporate all those wonderful traditions...especially during the yule-tide season of cheer! Most of our traditions come from my childhood. Turns out there are a few perks to growing up in the Leave It To
Butts-ver household. My sweet Momma was the best Momma in the world when it came to traditions and especially glad tidings of Christmas cheer. Following her lead I have donned the Christmas trim and started a collection of Christmas books. We have an endless supply of "hot drinks" and many Christmas flicks to watch when the weather outside is frightful. Our Christmas cd collection continues to grow as has the twinkling lights that started inside our house and on our porch and now they appear on the roof-top!

Back to our cookie making...

I have the BEST recipe in the whole wide world for sugar cookies, compliments of my precious friend Kimberly Humphries. She shared with me the Crisco butter stick cookie recipe found on the label of the Crisco butter stick box way back in our days in the land of Aloha. We started using this recipe on a bright Hawaiian Christmas where we spread the Mele Kalikimaka cheer. It's been about 7 years now that we have used this same delicious recipe. I have to tell is simply superb! So we put out a vinyl table cloth and got busy working on our cookie making extraordinaire! Savannah was of the philosophy that more is always better! Bekah made each of her cookies a complete work of art. Good news is we have plenty of cookies...bad news is we are completely out of sprinkles! We all had a great time...and yes, they do taste as fantastic as they look!

Each one of these cookies was carefully covered in sprinkles and each red hot was strategically placed!

Betty Crocker ain't got nothin' on this girl!

Even Maddie was in the Christmas spirit!

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