Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Hellllooooo Snow!

Today was the very first real "snow day" we've had in our newest location! We were all pretty excited because we haven't lived in a snowy place since we moved from Texas. It started snowing around 3 am, and it continued all day. I think we got around 4 inches. When the big kids got home from school we dressed up in our snow-gear and headed out for some neighborhood fun. I, of course, had the camera in hand. It was a great afternoon!!! Hooray for snow...it really feels like Christmas time now!!!

Me and my favorite fella

Snow tubing debut

The Daddys' doing what Daddys do

Snow angel...

Snow face!

Below: Toots in the snow...sporting a 1990 throwback, compliments of Auntie Rachel, who is now almost 20!

The Crew...

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Kaely said...

Hooray for snow! Could you please now send it our direction? Love you!


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