Sunday, September 14, 2008

Barbies, Bread and Bliss

Our Friday morn began with the pitter-patter of large rain drops and the rivers of water near the gutter. A rainy day was cause for a great movie. I ran Savannah Kay to school and then floated down stream to the dentist. Turns out I have sparkling teeth and healthy gums, but should floss more often. I picked up Savannah Kay and we stopped by the local Blockbuster for a weekend flick. She has been anxiously awaiting the arrival of the latest Barbie movie...and with Daddy away and no chance for a romp on the trampoline, we settled in for couple hours with Barbie.
Today, after church I returned my neighbor's table and folding chairs. We have a sweet family of 6 that we have come to know and love. Preston, Amy and their kids are delightful neighbors and great playmates for the girls. Amy was making a surplus of zucchini bread when we stopped by. A few moments later she appeared at the back door with a plate of bread for the Welch's to sample. Sweet neighbor! Her little gift made my day extra special!
And finally, I must say that we are most thrilled to have welcomed our sweet Daddio home with open arms! It was a whirlwind of a week, but somehow we managed to survive! The girls were so excited when Daddy presented them each with a snow globe from Washington DC. I was given a darling pink and white scarf! Jeremy is so great about remembering special treats to award when he returns. With the man of the house back, we are off and running for the week to come!

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