Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Prince and Princess at the MI Ball

So this weekend marked another most momentous occasion for all the Welch's. Jeremy and I were kid free! I know, this is rather unbelievable to the two of us as well. You see, Jeremy had a Military Intelligence Ball to attend this weekend, so after much discussion, we decided to meet my precious parents half-way in Salina, Kansas...for a weekend without our offspring. I must admit I was a little unsure of just how to handle myself! Super Grandmommy and Papa had big weekend plans for their darling little duo. They visited a pumpkin patch, made fall cookies, performed a talent show, read books, battled in Nintendo, attended the "covered-dish" luncheon after church, learned some piano, and then played some killer Hangman. The girls had so much fun! Savannah Kay was actually crying when they loaded up to meet us back in Salina on Sunday night.

While the kiddies are away, the Momma and Daddy will play! I had some homework to finish up, so we hung around the house until around 9:30 p.m. Then I remembered we had a movie due so we freshened up and headed out. After a quick-drop, we wandered to Aggieville. For those of you unfamiliar with the metropolis of Manhattan...that is our local college district. There are a couple of streets where you can hear live music and enjoy a cool drink. After peeking in the windows of several local stops, we stopped in at the Blue Ribbon BBQ. We heard this man...a "one man band" of sorts. We were pleasantly entertained! At midnight our truck would turn back into a pumpkin, so we loaded up and headed out. The impromptu evening was a welcomed change to our normal Friday night routine.

On Saturday, we prepared for our big event...the MI Ball. I have a few pictures for you to see!

The tradition of these type of functions is always fun to be a part of. We toasted the Army and all the parties within. We remembered those deployed and those who have not returned from overseas. We visited with our peers, and cheered Knowlton Award recipients. Then Ali Jalili, the former Interior Minister of Afghanistan, was our guest speaker. I asked him for a photo after his speech! After wining and dining, we did a little dancing. You know me...I like to shake a tail feather! And before that magical midnight hour we were showered and in bed!

It was a wonderful weekend for all the Welch's!

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