Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Loving on the little guys

So...the first couple of days of school have been a bit of a trial and error process. I must say that children are God's greatest creation. I am amazed at each little set of hands and eyes. I love seeing their faces light up when you teach them something new or when they admire their own art. I rejoice in their accomplishments and desire their affection as much as they desire mine!

The first day was a little...okay a LOT chaotic! The mothers and siblings were a bit like herding cattle. Children were everywhere! I did not even see, let alone MEET each parent! I had some children that had not ever been in the care of anyone other than those children were not too thrilled to be on their own. The screaming was contagious, so one set of hysterics prompted another. I was having hot flashes! I had one little convict make a jail break! It is a good thing I have some running experience, although this was not mentioned in my job description! My stellar sprint was in full stride as I scooped him from the double doors that lead outside. That little guy knew how to open the child lock on the door and was outta there! Thank heaven I packed my A-game with my lesson plans!

Today was much more calm. I adjusted my welcome strategy. The sign-in sheet and podium blocked the door, and each child entered one at a time. I think this is the way to go until we get a regular routine. Thanks Aunt Sally for suggesting the lunch bin sit outside the door!

The week has been a blur, but my new buddies in my new church Small Group were a welcomed re-charge tonight. Only a couple more days 'til Daddy Welch is home! Won't he be proud of us?! Six whole days, and we're all still smiling! Miracles never cease!

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