Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Laboring with the fam...

This past weekend included the Labor Day holiday. Now what is a holiday without family, I ask? I was fortunate enough to have both of my sisters, my new brother-in-law, my baby nephew, and my parents in my home to celebrate! We grilled burgers for lunch and then dined on fried catfish at supper, compliments of chef Dad donning my apron! I made my first batch of hush puppies...which was a trial and error process. Aunt Haley did some tramping on the trampoline. Jerm amazed us with his flips and then almost lost a toe to the trampoline net. Needless to say his show ended abruptly. Remember the days when there was no net, and if you fell off, you just hoped for the best?! Jeremy thinks the net is safer for the kids and more dangerous for adults! My Daddy played some Mario in the basement with the girls. Then the gaming continued in the Living Room with some PS3 ATV racing and Tiger Woods golf. It was time for Haley and her family to head home. So after many smoochies, they were on the road. Mom, Dad, Jerm, Rachel and I played some Catan, and I was victorious! If you are not a Catan player, you should be. We love that game!

Monday morning dawned with sticky rolls and donuts. Dad and the girls amused the rest of us with a fashion show of sorts! That man is a saint! Lunch was a melting pot of leftovers. After lunch we loaded up in the van for a sight-seeing outing. Note to self...when travelling in the back of the van, with Jerm behind the wheel, take along a plastic bag. After an hour, both of my girls were snoozing, Rachel was keepin' cold air in the face, and Mom and I were ready to wrap it up! After a quick trip for happy hour Sonic drinks for everyone, we were on our way home.

I am so blessed to have my family living so close to me!

Jeremy did get a bit of bad news over the weekend. John (his dad) is in the hospital after receiving stem-cells on Monday. This was expected, but the pain from shingles was not. The cancer battle continues, and the patience of the patient is wearing thin. Please continue praying for our dear "Grandpa John." In a couple of weeks we should know if the stem cell transplant was successful. In the mean time, Grandma Dorothy and the gang in Amarillo need Godly reinforcement from each of you!

Well wishes to each of you and yours~

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Lisa said...

I LOVE, LOVE your furniture!!! I wish that I would have gotten chairs like yours to go with my brown leather. Way Cute!!! :)


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