Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Savannah's big all about it! true Savannah style...on the way to school
Savannah Kay and the best Daddy in the world!
...finding her hook and hanging her bag
Mrs. Hinkle and Savannah Kay
...on her mat in circle time

Today marked the first day of school for Savannah Kay! She requested happy-face pancakes for breakfast, so that is what she received. We all enjoyed her choice this morning!

Bekah hit the bus at 7:22 sharp. Bus driver Jerry is a punctual fella!

Jeremy was able to join Savannah Kay and I for her first Pre-K drop-off of the year. Her teacher is Mrs. Hinkle. Savannah gets a kick out of her name! Her Assistant Teacher is Mrs. Grogan...not featured in this episode! She hung her bag on her hook, and found her mat in the circle. All things seemed to go as planned, and she reported a great first day!

On a side note...I begin teaching next week, so add that to the prayer list. Nine 2-3 year olds in my small room on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Jerm swears I must be crazy! Aren't we all?! Here's to what lies ahead!

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