Thursday, April 24, 2008

bugs. love, and pajamas

So I have returned to check in, though it has been a rough couple of days since I have last written. I was the next victim of the virus of death. That bug was a nasty one! I now have a much better understanding of what my sweetie pies were suffering with, and I am content to never have that sickness visit our house again! Jeremy is the only one to have resisted the dark side, but even his defenses seem to be weakened. Hold strong dearie!

While I am discussing him...I should move to my next point. Love. I am so blessed to have such a devoted spouse! I mean, yesterday afternoon I called him and warned him of my most disgusting condition, and as soon as he came in the door, he wisked me to bed and waited on me hand and foot. He refilled my ginger ale, all the while packing up this and that, and managing the offspring. I was completely impressed! That sweet guy of mine even brought me a walkie talkie to radio him if I needed anything! Ahhh so is love! Nothing like a face in the toilet to remind you just how loved you really are!

Lastly, today is pajama day at Savannah Kay's school. She is sporting a most precious two piece ensemble with piggies and pink satin. I believe she looks most fabulous! In fact, I shall snap a quick photo for you to enjoy.

A life complete with bugs, love, and silky pajamas...who could ask for anything more?!

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Marina said...

That's no fun! Yuck. Hope you get to feeling better and that your hubby isn't next. Take care!


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