Friday, April 11, 2008

Hip hip hooray for a super duper Fri-day!!!

Now let's see...I spent all this time yesterday doing a blog reply to my buddy Melissa, for this tag thing, and then I went to copy it, and it disappeared. I was especially angry because I had been so clever in most of my answers and all that creativity was just dumped into the technological abyss! So after fuming for a bit, I just logged off and decided to forget it. I would try again later. Sorry Melissa, but I will do it tomorrow!

Don't you just love love LOVE my new and improved bloggie poo?! So it turns out Marina at Penny Lane is a super creative genius. For those of you who would like to have a blog makeover, she is the gal to contact! Check her link on my favorite blogs. Thanks a million to you Marina dear! I do so love my new look!

Also, tomorrow my sweetie pie comes back! After four weeks in France, I am ready to have him in our own Maison! Thank the Lord for Skype. That is the way the kids and I were able to talk to Jeremy everyday he was away. We hooked up our webcam and had a little video teleconference with him. I was even able to look out the window at the city of Bordeaux, so I was practically there (wink wink)! I am becoming so technologically advanced! Aren't you so proud?! I even took this pic with my webcam! If you ever wanna chat like that, just let me know!

I have also just introduced my blog to each and every one of my most favorite email buddies, so hopefully I can be better about updating each of them on our most recent adventures.

What else? I have secured a home front for us in Manhattan. And will post some pictures in the next few days. I can't wait to get settled down, but will miss our new loved one's here in Cali-for-nie-aye! I guess that's about all folks.

Only 28 hours until I see my mister's face! Here's to my big weekend!!!

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Melissa said...

Ok, let's see if this comment thingy works :)
I have LOVED reading the blog--your humor is priceless! Thanks for the phone #'s again-darn cell phones dying on me! What's the deal?!? It's not like I am hard on them or anything! ;)
Very cool webcam pic by the way! Mwah


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