Sunday, April 6, 2008

A little bit of this and that...

1. I have an amazing husband! He goes to Paris this weekend, and comes back telling me how much he thought of me. He's already planning our return trip. Gosh I'm a lucky girl!

2. Great friends make life so perfect! I can't tell you just how nice it is to have low-maintenance friendships that give you that warm fuzzy feeling everytime you hang out. It's even better when they live right next door!

3. No matter the meal, Savannah Kay will always want chocolate milk!

4. Nim's Island is a great flick...we saw it tonight! PS never leave your child on an island alone, if even for the sake of science!

5. MGT 330 is a tough class...especially when you have a paranoid classmate that has your number on speed dial! And I just thought online classes meant less interaction!

6. Moving, although always an adventure, is never fun to prepare for! My to-do list keeps growing and growing and growing...

7. There is ALWAYS drama when estrogen is present! Thank heaven for little girls!

8. Rebekah will always be my heart...she knows just what to do to make her Mommy oh so proud! Tonight she gave me that sweet shoulder tap and said, "Get some sleep Momma."

9. But the best news...MY HUBBY COMES HOME ON SATURDAY!!! I can't wait to see his face again!

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