Saturday, April 19, 2008

Manhattan, Kansas that is...

Come and listen to a story 'bout a man named Jerm,
A movin' Army guy, barely kept his address firm.
Then one day while defendin' world peace,
he got his orders, said he's movin' back east...
Manhattan that is, but Kansas, not New York.

Well the first thing you know ol' Jerm is packin' up
Kinfolk said, "Jerm, call a movin' truck."
Said "The midwest is the place you want to be,"
So they loaded up the truck,
and they moved to Ft Ri-ley.

The "Big Red One" that is, First Infantry Division, real Army life again.

***Okay so enough of the comedic family theme, I thought today I would post some pics of the new place. It's a rental, which actually gives us the security to not have to worry about resale in a shaky market. We signed a three year lease, and seem to have a lot of space. There are three bedrooms, a bonus room, a loft, living room, and a full unfinished basement! We can't wait to get there and finally settle down.

OTHER SUPER FANTASTIC NEWS!!! We were told that Jeremy was to deploy in August for a year. Now, I must confess, while this news was most shocking, we realize Jeremy has an obligation to fight for our country. I was reminded by my military friends that Jeremy doesn't just go to practice to sit the bench. He has trained to go and do his duty in the War on Terror. However, yesterday we got some great news. Due to some budgetary changes, Jeremy will not be headed out with this deployment that is now scheduled for November. Hip hip hooray! We will have to face that trial another day!!! So, here's to the our move and my hubbie staying around a little longer!

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