Saturday, April 12, 2008

Oh just a quick note!

So, I just realized that I was unable to receive comments (thank you Melissa-dearie), so I believe I have amended that! I love to hear your feedback, so please post a comment if you have something to say!

Also, my sweetie's flight has been delayed. Poo-poo on United for that one! So it seems he will be arriving closer to midnight! Makes for a great evening with the kids (are you picking up on my sarcasm?)! Let's see, I'll be lucky if I can keep them awake on the way to the base, and then they will be all wired and ready to see their Daddio. Then I have the daunting task of trying to put them to sleep and have my own Daddy time. Good luck with that one Lindz! At least he is home, right? I mean, I guess that patience fruit of my spirit will most assuredly be tested! Let's pray for a V-I-C-T-O-R-Y! Goooo Lindz!

As for the taggy game...okay Melissa, I promise I will work on that one asap. I hear the dryer finishing up my last load, and I have two prunes in the tub.

More later!

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