Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Drama for the Mama

Having two daughters makes for lots of drama people! Even as I sit here my three (almost four) year old is singing "Fabulous" from High School Musical! Only it sounds more like, "Oh something Fav-you-lus, uh just some huh huh request..." The best part is that as she sings she does her arms in a wide circle with remnants of chocolate donut and a milk mustache on her mouth. Hence I have ammended my autoplayed choice of tune-age for today's blog... just so you can enjoy the sounds of choice from my kiddos!

Bekah left for school with a Hannah Montana shirt on. She swears she has poison oak on her face, which is a little red and irritated, so she begged for some cover-up before exiting for third grade. She didn't like the black sandals I made her wear. She sat and pouted for three minutes before heading down for the donut treat. Then there were grunts of frustration because she couldn't find the backs to her earrings and the pendant on her 'free' necklace fell off. What am I doing all the while? Sitting in my old cheerleading tee-shirt that reads, "God didn't create everyone to cheer, only the best," and a pair of pj shorts, with a bewildered look on my face. This drama mama completely relates to her daughters. It ain't easy being female!

Shameless interjection: I must pride myself in saying that I really do shelter my daughters from most things trendy. No clunky shoes. No mini-skirts or short shorts. Yes, we do listen to Hannah Montana and High School Musical. However, we do have a strict monitoring system on all things Disney and Nickelodeon. Nothing questionable or too grown up to watch or to wear. In fact, I pray daily that my daughters grow up to honor both themselves and everyone around them. (stepping off the soap box) So back to my theatric ante meridiem...

Between the cover-up and the 'fabulous-ness' here I sit, embracing the insanity and clinging to all things solemn! Lord have mercy on me!!! Too much drama for this mama!


Amy Renay said...

Those old cheerleading shirts do make for the most comfy pj's!!

Melissa said...

What makes this post wonderful is I can actually "see" you sitting there in your cheerleading shirt! :) Glad to hear Jeremy got home safely!

Jeff McCall said...

Okay now after seeing you day I have to say...DONT add to the drama mama!! What is this knee thing!! Take care of yourself.


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