Tuesday, April 8, 2008

My Secret Identity Revealed!!!

SOOOO...today was a rather productive day for moi. I have called about a million moving companies in order to nail down plans for our big move. In the past, we have always elected to do a full pack out. This is when the military contracts a moving company to come in and pack everything I own, wrap it up, and ship it to where ever I am headed. That process is stressful because you really want to be organized in order to have some small idea of where things are when they are packed in hopes you can find it on the other end. Then they unpack everything we ask on the receiving destination. Unpack...meaning taking it out of the box and placing it on the nearest flat surface...not putting it away! It tends to look like a hurricane hit your home when 5-7 movers unload mass quantities of household goods. Sounds easy, but it is always a lot of work! This time we have decided to do what is called a dity move. We pack. We load. We contract the carrier. We unload. I know, our sanity is at risk...well for that matter, so is our marriage, (ha ha ha), but the financial gain seems to be worth it. So like I said, I have all the stats on moving stuff. Now the question remains, can she pack her house, load the truck, save the world and be home in time for dinner?! Being a super-mom is so hard sometimes!

Aside from the business of moving, we attended Bekah's open house at school. sniff sniff...I am so proud! Turns out I have the sweetest, smartest, most talented child in the universe! I guess super runs in the family! Savannah even managed to remain human for the duration of the evening! Miracles never cease.

Will the super-mom outdo her self tomorrow? Tune in to our next episode to find out!

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