Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Yackity yack...don't come back!

Our home has been plagued with some sort of virus that has us reminicing about those good ol' days of health and pleading for sleep! Similarly to the plague of 1665, do not be surprised if you roll past our residence and observe a red cross on our door accompanied by the words, "Lord, have mercy upon us!"

You see, Rebekah contracted this nasty contagion last Thursday. Poor child! She has encountered a series of unfortunate events in the last few weeks. She hurt her knee a month ago. Turns out she has a severly bruised patella and a torn muscle by her knee. After appointments to the ER, the PCM, the Orthopedic, the MRI facility, and a Prosthetist, she has been fitted with a knee brace. Then this last week she contracted some kind of rash on her neck, face, and belly. We think it is some kind of poision oak. Then Thursday, she began complaining of a tummy ache. Mean ol' Mom sent her on to school. As soon as we got in the door from school Thursday, she was a little less talk and a lot more action!

The weekend seemed to pass without incident, but again, she complained of an upset stomach. Monday morning she starts her wailing, and then before we knew it she was having a heart to heart with the big white telephone. However, after lunch she was back to her old self again.

Then, last night at about 2 am...Savannah sprints into our room and jazzed up our carpet alright. It looked like a crime scene. Jeremy and I sprang out of the bed, and it seemed like slowmotion. He scoops her up and hits the hall bath, only to be just short of the potty before her next bout of the hoakey croaky. I split for the cleaning supplies while he tossed her in the tub. He swears I ran outside like there was some sort of fire drill. After a dip in the tub, we got her all tucked in and all cleaned up, and then Mommy and Daddy just sat bewildered and disgusted in the hallway. We could hear her little voice call from her bunk, "Mommy and Daddy...sorry I choked on your floor." Poor baby! Then we crawled in the bed and literally pleaded with the Lord to heal us of this nasty toxin.

It looks to be a long long LONG day! Savannah has mastered the art of shouting into the trashcan, and I am going to buy stock in Ginger Ale and Saltines. Let's pray this bout of disease doesn't linger for 5 days again!

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Melissa said...

WOW sister!! That sounds horrible! I love the way you write--so very entertaining, even on such a yucky subject! :)


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