Thursday, October 7, 2010

Kansas State Fair and SELENA GOMEZ

Momma and Daddy live in Hutchinson, Kansas...home of the Kansas State Fair grounds. We have visited the fair several times since they have lived there. Usually we do the regular rounds...the giant veggies, the butter sculpture, the concessions, the pig races, the animal exhibits, the petting zoo, a few rides and then home. However, this year I was told that Selena Gomez would be in concert the last day of the fair. I got online and purchased tickets for the girls and I and invited my friend Heather and her little girl Isabella. My crew of 4 and our 2 buddies packed up and headed to Hutch to enjoy a little fair and a lot of concert!
It was only a million degrees outside. Savannah Kay is rosie cheeked and sipping on some water. We sampled the following fair foods during our 6 hours there:
Funnel cake, snow cones, pronto pup, corn, fried pickles, turkey leg, nachos, sweet tea and cotton candy
I think we gained about 10 lbs but sweat off about 5!
Bek and Izzy...she is so Hollywood
Mom and Savannah Kay
The girls just had to ride a water was too hot!

The second best part of Savannah Kay's day...Cotton Candy!
Me and my girls

Heather and Izzy
Nose-bleed section of the concert
Down front buying t-shirts

Look how close we got!

I think the concert was a huge hit! Savannah kept squeezing my neck and shouting "BEST MOM EVER!" Bekah knew all the words and acted like a concert pro. I don't think she wanted the other 1,000 squealing girls to know that inside she was as giddy as they were. Everyone had a great time and we were exhausted when we left.

It was a great trip!

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