Thursday, October 7, 2010

Savannah Kay Plays Soccer

Savannah Kay is playing soccer this year. I am so excited because I think she will be a great athlete. She is a little like her mother, and seems to display a little bit of a competitive spirit! Jeremy had taken her on a "Daddy date" this summer and purchased a fancy soccer ball for her. I outfitted her with some pink soccer socks and she was ready to go!

Her team is 3-0 this season! We are so proud of them. I realize winning is not the focus at this age, but who doesn't like to win?! I have to admit that the first couple of games were filled with laughter. Savannah does not like running around back and forth across the field...shocker. Her favorite part of the first two games was drinking her Gatorade on the bench. Thank you Daddy for this suggestion! She begged to be goalie. I snapped a picture of her, and when she saw the camera that was it...she just HAD to pose!
However, by game three, she understood the positions a little better and was feeling a little more like getting that ball! Coach Alex is really good about rotating positions to let the kids experience each area of the field. She was pulled out of the goal because she was fiddling with the net. Coach Alex had her playing Forward and when that ball came sailing from the goal, she jumped behind it and dribbled it all the way in. SHE SCORED THE WINNING GOAL! We had been tied up at 1-1 and that little stinker made the winning shot! I was SO PROUD! She has decided Forward is a good place to play now.
Running around seems like a good trade when you get to score and everyone cheers!

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