Thursday, October 7, 2010

Tah Tah Trampoline

August 14th (I'm just getting you caught up) was a day that will live in infamy. We have owned our trampoline since Bekah was about 4 years old. We bought ol' trusty when we moved to Georgia from the local Wal-mart. Let's just say that when we bought this thing, nets were not even included...that is saying something people!
We have moved this thing to two houses in Georgia, to Arizona, to California and to Kansas. With each move, we broke it down and then reassembled it. When we moved to California, we had to buy a net for it because the post-regulation required nets on all trampolines. Of course we had an odd legged trampoline, so the net was a special order that cost about as much as the entire trampoline did. I would estimate that this trampoline has probably received about 5 gazillion bounces from about 500 different kids. In fact, this summer our neighbors just replaced our net and pads because they were ragged (The net might have been destroyed after multiple interactions with two 16 year old boys).
At any rate, on this particular day in August we had a storm of all storms, and needless to say...we must now put our trampoline to rest. That freakish storm tore siding off our house, blew down the neighbor's fence, shredded the flashing and gutters of many houses and FLIPPED, yes flipped, our entire trampoline upside down.
Let it be known that we will miss you ol' trusty. The yard is naked without your presence.
As a result of our loss, Jerm had announced that we are expecting...
a new tramp is due in the spring!
Only in Kansas my friends...

Interesting note: My Dad researched replacement parts for me. The thought was that we might be able to repair the section of the frame that was broken. Apparently this model was recalled in late 2004. The recall was issued from reports of broken frames. The good news is that we must have had one of the stronger took 90 knot winds to break ours!

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