Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Three Generations of Best Buddies

Many of you have read about or heard me speak about my best friend from childhood...I lovingly refer to her as "Perfect Kaely." She earned that title years ago, but in my mind, she is just that! The two of us are thick as thieves, and we owe it all to our mothers. You see, our mothers met just before I was born, and then 10 short months later, Kaely was born. I really do not remember life without her. Having mothers that were best friends set us up for a life-long friendship. My girls call her "Aunt Kaely." In my book, we are family!

Last February Kaely and Will gave birth to little Lucy Jane. Ironically, just as I was congratulating her on her first pregnancy, I found out I too would be having a baby! I joked that she was carrying Mason's bride or best friend...

We had the opportunity to get together for several days during my Texas trip. Our Momma's would catch up. We would visit. Our babies would roll around in their diapers and we would snap blackmail pictures. It was really special to see three generations of best buddies together!
We spent our time at the Blay Family Lake House on Possum Kingdom Lake. Great friends are such a blessing! We made memories that will last our lifetime. If only we could live next door!

Lucy Jane and Mason meet...

He wanted to be as big as she was! Look out sweet Lucy...in a few more months he will be chasing you down!

Okay, this is something I would have never thought I would experience...
Two mommies nursing those babies!

Lucy Jane...I so love you!

Okay, I LOVE this one! His look with hers is PRICELESS!

We love all those babies...even the big ones!

It wasn't all about those babies...Grandmommy went tubing with Bek!
Talk about some great memories!

I tried my hand at tubing too...
PS I was so sore the next day I could hardly hold the steering wheel to drive!
Can you say OUT OF SHAPE?!?!?!

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