Thursday, October 7, 2010

Loving on Our Auntie Ray

My littlest sister and I have always had a special bond. (Well, once I accepted that she was indeed here to stay, I tolerated her existence for the first 8 years of her life.) However, when Bekah was born, she and I really developed a very special relationship. I suppose it could have been because I was in a phase of my life where I was staying at home, and that was fine by her...she was the same age as Bek is now! I can hardly believe that! I would like to say that is was just because I had finally matured a little and could be a better big sister to her. ;)
I called her Rachel, and when she was a baby we called her Rachie...which she HATES now. Haley was about 15 years old when we joked that I could be Lindz, Dad was Steve, Mom could be Mar (mare), and Rachel could be Rach. Was Haley shortened just Hay? Then she joked that she was indeed Hay, and the fam would be Day, May, Ray and I would have to be Duh. Not funny. Well, the Ray thing stuck and now my kids have dubbed her Aunt Ray.
Rachel and I have really spent some great time together this year. I am so proud of her! At 21 years old she is finishing college in December with her Elementary Education degree. I suppose this is just another area of interest we share! We love working in children's education. She was here when our little Mason was born, and spent each night at the hospital helping me in and out of bed and bringing me the baby. Those are cherished memories I will hold dear for the rest of my life. She took a whole week to stay with me in Manhattan and be on baby, Auntie duty.
This summer she was my co-pilot on the long, long, LONG drive to San Angelo. She was my roomie at the hotel. She joined us on our camping trip over the July 4th weekend...AND, she missed me so much while I was in Texas that she came in for the weekend to swim with the girls and just hang out at the house with the kids and me. She was here to hear baby Mason laugh out loud for the first time!
I am so blessed to be so close to her! We adore you Aunt Ray! You are so precious to me. Thanks for being such a significant part of all our lives. We love you.

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